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Easy Vegan Instant Pot Meals + Cookbook Giveaway!

Today we are doing a full day of eating making only vegan instant pot meals from @rainbowplantlife’s new cookbook, which you can find here: …

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  1. Cool I’ve been wanting to make some delicious instapot recipes, but have been intimidated ! Thank you for all the work you went through Jasmine! Thank you for all the taste testing Chris! Take care guys! ❤️Kathy

  2. I’m guessing you could use these recipes without the pressure cooker and just adjust the cooking time? I don’t see the point in a pressure cooker for myself, because I am always at home, running the house, and cooking from scratch is one of the things I enjoy most. Time isn’t an issue for me. But the actual recipes look great, so I might give it a go on the hob!

  3. Go Yankees! I got back into baseball two years ago (I'm 19 now and my dream is to work with the Yankees after college so that's my main goal right now haha) but it's awesome to see more people getting back into the game! I clicked on this video because I just got an instant pot for my dorm, but I just subbed because I've been binge watching your videos haha. Thanks for this video!

  4. I entered the giveaway! I’ve been looking for a great cookbook to practice vegan meals and get into the habit and this seemed like a great opportunity! My Instagram is thicclikebisquicc 🙂

  5. Entered; I own an instapot and recently decided to eat vegan to improve my health and hopefully reduce medication. Single mom so super excited to get recipes to learn how to use my instapot to create tasty one pot meals that won’t cause us to eat at 8:00. Would love a cookbook to plan meals and have hands on tool. I’m not a millennium lol.

  6. Love these recipes! They all look amazing and delicious! Would love to enter the giveaway and add this cookbook to my growing vegan pressure cooker collection! It's the best appliance in my kitchen! Contact email –

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